Visual Watch Info System

The light of the sun takes a good eight minutes to reach our planet. During this time, the sun's rays cover a distance of almost 150 million kilometers.

The Visual Watch Info System (VWIS), newly developed by abanay, simultaneously calculates the current positions of the sun and moon, the phases of our satellite, the rise and set times of the two stars for 60 skylines worldwide - including your individual residence - and displays this data on a virtual firmament, which is also used for the current webcam image of the location.

Astrological and esoteric information, such as zodiac signs, Chinese zodiac signs and biorhythms, round off the all-round view of current events.

VWIS Orange

BioRhythm 3000

BioRhythm 3000 is a calendar with your integrated biorhythm in the three categories: Mental, for intellectual activities e.g. Occupation, Physical for Physical Services e.g. Sport and Emotional for emotional activities e.g. a date. With BioRhythm 3000, you can see at a glance which days of the month are critical for you. Choose a non-critical day for your appointments, tap this calendar day and enter it into your external appointment book.

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Morphy Diamond

Morphy© is a latest-generation fractal generator that performs highly complex mathematical calculations based on your geographic location, current time, and current date, and displays them as unique pieces of art on your display.

After launching Morphy, Morphy© autonomously creates an individual mathematical artwork on your display, which you can either save as wallpaper or share with other art enthusiasts through your social networks. Each image created with Morphy © is unique and not reproducible.

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