BioRhythmus 3000

The biorhythm, developed by the Viennese psychology professor Hermann Swoboda and the Berlin physician and biologist Wilhelm Fliess, is based on the theory that man is subject to physical, emotional and psychological rhythms. These rhythms begin at birth and affect the life of each human sinusoidally with different period lengths. The biorhythmics distinguishes the following three rhythms:

Biorhythm Wave

The rhythms sinusoidally move from the positive (green) to the negative (blue) cycle and vice versa in their period length, traversing the line of birth (red). It is only on this red signed day that the activities and appointments in the respective areas should be reconsidered.

This app by the company was designed so that at a glance the critical days (red) can be recognized in the desired month and by tapping the selected day, pending appointments in the external organizer (options) can be fixed.